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Great coaches and MyIT tutors

Updated: Feb 7

Great coaches and MyIT tutors have a lot in common.

A great coach builds success
A great coach

What they do as great coaches and exceptional tutors is what other coaches and tutors don't do.


Let's be clear: athletes get great coaches and students get exceptional tutors because they want to excel.


A coach or a tutor who does not have the profile of a great teacher (yes, they are both teachers) will not enable great success in their athletes or students.


What is required to be a great coach?


Adaptability is a major characteristic of great coaches because coaching is all about understanding each particular athlete and modifying strategies to meet the particular needs of  each athlete so they can excel in a highly competition scenario.


Just think on any athlete in any sport, and you will find someone who has a great coach who understands and guides them to grow in their skills.


A poor coach and a poor tutor will have developed a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching and teaching. As poor coaches and poor tutors, they take the easy path which is about delivering information and knowledge, but not understanding how to make that delivery supremely efficient for a particular learner or a particular athlete who has their own particular approach to thinking and learning.


How and what to adapt is a great skill

Motivation creation is about directly engaging a desire to excel, and that requires a great coach or exceptional tutor to uncover the parts of a learner which can be brought on board to drive major effort and achieve far beyond their normal expectations. A great coach or exceptional tutor knows how to plan and reinforce motivation so that the athlete or student is continually focused on achieving.


A poor coach and a poor tutor will have very poor understanding of motivational strategies and make the assumption that if they (as the coach or tutor) deliver information in a clear way then the motivation will look after itself.


In point of fact for great athletes and great students the attitude they have to aspiring to be better is the major part of their success


Without motivation nothing is achieved
Motivation creates momentum

Instruction is an essential characteristic and skill of great coaches and exceptional tutors because they are both teachers. Great coaches and exceptional tutors can find ways to make difficult points clear, breakdown complex strategies and techniques, and provide formative feedback to guide great learning.


A poor coach and a poor tutor will think their own knowledge is more important than their athlete or students’ and they will think that the athlete’s or student's job is to try to understand them. They will for example not use instruction checking techniques, and they will not use concept checking techniques, nor will they have effective ways of helping athletes or students to understand the source of their errors.

You must start with low level processing
Instructional genius is step by step

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