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How a tutor uses online resources to improve your learning

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Blended learning, when learners engage with effective online tools, leads to significant improvement in motivation and learning outcomes.

High-quality tutors, whether teaching either purely online or face-to-face and using online resources in your home while tutoring, should be experts in using the best online resources to facilitate positive learning outcomes.

Which online resources do tutors use to improve students' learning?

There are a variety of tools available online that vary widely in quality and academic validity. At MyIT we have evaluated some of the best online resources available and selected only the most effective and engaging resources for our tutors to use in tuition sessions. When a tutor is planning your tuition session they will take into account the goals and aims of the session and find material that both matches that and the age or level of the student.

Of course we have a huge resource of in-house materials that come from our teacher training wing. Tutors have full access to this when they are planning lessons.

We similarly have a long list of curated sites we use to enhance learning. For this post, we want to show you some other examples of resources that MyIT tutors use across a variety of subjects with adults and younger learners:

Tuition resources from Khan Academy:

With Khan Academy, MyIT tutors have a huge selection of resources across a huge range of subjects. When tutoring algebra, for example, you or your child can watch excellent introductory videos to key concepts in a variety of topics such as variables in algebra:

Students also have the opportunity to practice ideas and concepts with the Khan academy online interactive tools and quizzes, such as this example of an algebra practice task which reinforces the learning of concepts from the videos:

Tuition Resources From Twinkl

Another excellent resource that we use at MyIT in Hong Kong is Twinkl. It has a fantastic collection of materials designed specifically for students in the Hong Kong education system and students wanting to take international exams such as SAT and GCSE. With Twinkl, MyIT tutors engage and inspire students with storybooks, videos and interactive games. A great example that we love teaching is this from one of our geography courses:

Tuition Resources from OneStopEnglish

At MyIT we tutor lots of children and adults English. In addition to resources from Khan Academy and Twinkl, our tutors love OneStopEnglish. OneStopEnglish provides a huge range of online resources that our tutors use with you or your child. Our students find the materials extremely engaging for general English, CLIL (teaching subjects to Chinese speakers through the medium of English). This is a great example of online material our tutors use from Onestop English in a business communication course for adult learners:

How a tutor uses online resources to improve your learning

At MyIT we work differently from tuition centres and other tutoring companies. We know that all students have different learning needs. We don't create 'one size fits all' courses. Each tuition session is designed with the individual learner in mind. Our tutors are experts at assessing learner needs and wants, to create unique tuition sessions designed to achieve the individual student's goals. Tutors carefully plan and select the right resources for you or your child to ensure that we maximise both the efficacy of learning and utilize the time in the session in the most productive way possible.

The wide range of materials available to our tutors means that we create engaging bespoke sessions and are able to adapt the level of the session and the content to make them fulfilling. Additionally using the wide range of assessment materials they have at their fingertips, tutors are constantly adapting and improving their tuition to focus on areas where students may be having difficulty with concepts or skills. At MyIT we know how a tutor uses online resources to improve your learning.

Online learning resources for parents

At MyIT we believe that the parental involvement and understanding of the process and methods we use is vital for the most successful learning outcomes for students. As such we provide full curated lists of online materials that can be used by parents outside of tuition sessions to supplement students' learning.

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