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Are you fluent enough? Watch the video here or read the blog.

Updated: Jan 11

We aspire to be fluent in communication because we have particular needs around the relationships we establish and the quality of the information we deliver.

In the quality of the relationship (as we have mentioned in ) the most important measure is how much work your colleague or friend has to do in order to understand you.

You could of course stick to very simple language and ideas, but is that fluent enough?

There are many things you can do to make your communication less of a load for your friend or colleague.

And if you want to move your fluency from ‘enough’ to ‘great communicator’, there are more steps you need to take.

When you want to express yourself and you need to ‘find’ the words, you are not fluent.

But if you can find the words, and you can make understanding easier for your colleague or friend then you have the fluency of a great communicator.

Some major improvements you can make in this area are around your choice of pausing, repetition of your key points, and stressing the content you wish to deliver (through changes in volume, pitch or speed).

This is equally effective for delivering information or improving your relationship. Your colleagues or friends will feel very grateful that you have made that effort.

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