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How to find the best private tutor in Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Exceptional tutors create exceptional students
MyIT Tutors

Finding an expert private tutor in Hong Kong after the pandemic is not an easy job. As a professional tutoring organisation in Hong Kong, we get asked how to find the best private tutor a lot when we talk to parents and students about their tuition needs. Hiring a private tutor is a great way to help you or your child improve in core school subjects such as English, Math, Sciences and Technology. It is also great if you want to get the best results in international exams such as IB (International Baccalaureate), Cambridge exams or IELTS, TOEFL, TOIEC etc.

In the past parents hired a tutor if their child was struggling in a subject (I had a private math tutor that came to my home, and that was over 20 years ago!). More recently with improvements in technology allowing for easier access to online tutors and increasing competition in schools, hiring private tutors is much more common and even seen as a necessity to get into the best international universities.

These are our top tips for how to find the best private tutor in Hong Kong

1. Use a tutoring service.

Online or at home tutoring services like My Intelligent Tutor are experts at finding reliable and high-quality tutors in all regions of Hong Kong. Finding a good company can be difficult with many sites giving you a long list of tutors that you contact directly. While this gives you a lot of choices many agencies ask tutors to list their qualifications or experience but don't check this in detail. With a tutor from a company like My Intelligent Tutor, all of our tutors' qualifications and experience are checked in detail and we have a great personal relationship with our tutors. Many of whom have been working with us for many years. You can learn about our tutors here.

It is also a good idea to learn about the company's background and history. MyIT, for example, is an education and tutoring company owned and run by the prestigious Train The Teacher Ltd. The strength of the company in academic papers, publications, and 10 plus years of teacher training is the assurance of tutor quality unmatched internationally. Through our academic and management systems experience we have developed in MyIT an exceptionally skilled network of tutors locally and internationally located to provide exceptional learning across a library of subjects online or face-to-face at home.

Be wary of companies that say they can find a tutor in minutes. A good tutor is a long term investment in your child's future. At My Intelligent Tutor, we take the time to listen to your needs and what you hope to achieve before we talk to our tutors to find the tutor that best suits your needs. We don't use algorithms to find tutors, we know our tutors' skills and talents intimately and spend a lot of time matching you with a tutor.

An exceptional tutor creates exceptional students
Tutor and student

2. Ask about tutors from other parents or colleagues

Many of your friends and colleagues will have hired a private tutor in Hong Kong and will be able to give you great advice and feedback on tutors and companies they have used in the past. It is also very important to check feedback from other parents that have used a tutor or tutoring company in the past. Check the feedback from other parents! You can see some examples of parent feedback about tutors from My Intelligent Tutor here.

3. Check the tutor's qualifications and experience.

Reputable companies will supply all of this information. At My Intelligent Tutor, we interview all potential tutors in-depth to check their qualifications and experience. My Intelligent Tutor is also the only private tutor company in Hong Kong that certifies its tutors with a 'Qualified Tutor Certificate' which verifies all of their qualifications, stated tutoring and teaching experience and references so you can be sure of a private tutor's expertise.

Most private tutors in Hong Kong have no teaching qualifications
Quality Assured Tutors

4. Hire an expert tutor!

Not all tutors are equally skilled, Make sure that the tutor not only knows about their subject but also the curriculum or exam they are tutoring you to improve in. My Intelligent Tutor's Tutors and courses are based directly on the Hong Kong curriculum and curricula and tests for international exams. Each tutor is an expert in their subject ( I was an English and History tutor for example. with a Master's in History and a teaching qualification.)

5. Consider your child's approach to learning.

While all the research says the ‘Learning Style’ often mentioned by tutors has no academic basis, we know everyone learns differently at a different pace. Understanding this is critical to both a successful tutor-student relationship and also the outcomes of tuition. It is part of the skill set of MyIT that tutors pay very close attention to how a student is learning, and they adapt their teaching to benefit the student more. Also, consider the age of your child. Tutors for younger learners need to be very engaging, friendly, fun and use a wide range of props such as blocks, counters, puppets etc. to introduce and reinforce concepts, ideas or language.

All My Intelligent Tutor tutors can adapt to individual learning needs. When you start with My Intelligent tutor we will discuss your child's individual learning needs before a tutor is selected.

6. Hire a tutor with passion and interest in their subject

Many tutors are working in Hong Kong do so to supplement their income, but finding a tutor that is interested and passionate in their subject can be difficult. My Intelligent Tutor only works with passionate and dedicated tutors, it is the first thing we look for in our in-depth tutor interviews. We also collect lots of feedback about our tutors from parents and students and regularly observe our tutors to check both their teaching quality and passion for their subject!

Find the perfect private online or home tutor in Hong Kong with My Intelligent Tutor.

With My Intelligent Tutor you have the perfect partner in finding the best tutor to suit you or your child's exact needs. We offer a wide range of tutors for students in Hong Kong at kindergarten, primary, secondary and adult age groups. We have a wide range of subjects linked to Hong Kong Education Bureau (EDB) curricula such as Math, English Language, and Sciences. We also offer private tutors for international exams including IB, Cambridge English, Trinity College London GESE, SAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL and TOIEC.

Check out our full library of private tutor subjects in Hong Kong today!

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