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How to improve your SAT score in Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The SAT is a test required for entrance to most US universities. It is one of the essential steps in the US college application process. The test is challenging and requires a lot of practice and preparation to achieve a good result. The good news is that achieving a great score is much easier with an online or face to face private tutor in Hong Kong.

Admission officers use SAT to determine a student's academic potential. If you want to improve your score and get into the school of your dreams a tutor from MyIT in Hong Kong is a great option. However, there are some things you need to know before taking the SAT.

What should you know about the SAT?

There are 52 reading questions split into five passages and 44 grammar questions divided into four passages. You have 65 minutes to complete them all. Additionally, you have 25 minutes to answer math questions without a calculator and 55 minutes to do 38 math questions with a calculator. For help with the SAT math questions, you can receive help using a private math tutor in Hong Kong.

In each section of the SAT, it's essential to have a good idea of the concept being tested in that section. That said, let's talk about how to improve your score for each team with the help of a MyIT tutor in Hong Kong:

The SAT Reading Test

We would love to walk you through the detail of how to do well in reading to improve your SAT reading score, but let's just say we have trained teachers how to teach for reading exams and the process involves multiple strategies depending on the text and the question types. When you know the appropriate strategies, you need guided practice and clever feedback on why you missed some of the answers: what is the source of your error, and how can you fix that to a high level of fluency before the exam? It is the quality of this feedback which is the most important part of your learning.

An exceptional language tutor from MyIT will help you achieve exceptional results for your SAT.

The SAT Writing and Language Test

Of major importance in the SAT is being aware of the features of context in the writing. In order to do well in this section, a fully fluent MyIT tutor will help your awareness of language conventions and the features of the writing that will help your choice of the right answer. There is a lot to learn here, but there is no doubt that a tutor who is fully fluent, fully aware of the exam, and fully aware of grammar and meaning in context will help you achieve exceptional results.

If you are struggling with the writing section, remember you don't need to stress. You can always ask your MyIT tutor in Hong Kong for help and guidance.

The SAT Math Test

The SAT math section has problems that vary in terms of numbers and questions. You can practice with material and sites recommended for you by a private math tutor in Hong Kong. Yes, that's right. A MyIT tutor will recommend the best possible material and then guide you in understanding why you were wrong in parts. Studying this way with a private tutor will increase your time-efficiency and allow you to get best value from your tutor in targeting your weaknesses and building your confidence, skills and your SAT score!

To help you improve make sure you only practice areas you know you will be tested on. SAT tests the following Math topics: Basic Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Geometry and Trigonometry. If it is not in the test, don't spend time on it!

If you have problems with a specific question, try writing out the answer, record your thought process and working and then ask your MyIT tutor for advice so they can help you fix what you are doing wrong. This will decrease the chance of making the same mistake on another test. You can learn a lot from your mistakes

If you decide that there are specific questions that you cannot solve by yourself, it is a good idea to review them more than any other concepts with the help of your MyIT tutor.

Everything is about practice!

Practice for the test is critical to getting a great score. Good students will practice the test many times, but successful students will be guided in improvement by the formative assessment used by MyIT tutors.

Start by taking practice tests one section at a time. Work to identify your weaknesses and improve in those areas. As you grow your skills, you can take each practice with time constraints. Make sure to get enough practice in settings similar to what you'll find on the test day. The best way in which you can practice for the SAT exam is through a MyIT tutor in Hong Kong. The quality of the tuition content, along with strategies and practice tests, will help you maximize your chance for success! MyIT tutors will go through the practice test with you to identify areas where you are strong and won't need any further time in SAT study. They will also help you identify areas where you need to study and practice more and give you great exam preparation tips!

Do you want more help for your SAT? Hire a Tutor!

A MyIT tutor can come to you (or a group of up to four students) in your house in Hong Kong or online at a time that suits you best.

Improve your SAT score with a MyIT private tutor in Hong Kong today!

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