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Seventeen reasons why one-to-one online is best!

Updated: Jun 10

Read the blog below or watch the video.

When online became popular there were a number of schools and tutorial centers who did not do a good job of training their teachers, and they used the wrong kind of material and tasks to make the lessons productive. The main weaknesses in this area, in addition to poor tutors, were using the textbook online (which for lots of reasons does not work); assuming that live and online teaching were the same; or thinking that the online tutor was a form of entertainment and the effect of that on the tutor - in terms of their professionalism, and the students - in terms of their learning, was very negative.

Let's consider what happens if you have an exceptional tutor and one-to-one teaching online. Is one-to-one online best for learning?

1. Flexibility: you decide the lesson time, and that could be anytime.

The opportunity to fit the learning into a busy life is of exceptional benefit to students. If you don't have to meet a tutorial or school timetable, but can schedule your lesson according to your needs, you reduce the stress and improve the learning outcomes.

2. Content: the lesson is exactly focused on the student needs.

With an exceptional tutor who is trained in how to teach one-to-one online you have all the lesson time committed to what the student actually needs. There is none of the distraction in f2f and group lessons.

3. Travel costs: no time lost in travelling to and from a tutorial center or school.

This can be a huge time cost including the need to arrive early and commute in what is probably a busy time of the day.

4. Tutor: you choose a tutor – not just who is in your neighbourhood or who is in a learning center.

When you go to a tutorial center they choose the tutor, and they have a restricted number of tutors. With a well-established online tutorial group you can have a much greater selection from which to choose your tutor.

5. Internet access: working online is super easy.

Certainly, a few years ago, Internet access and reliable connection during a lesson was a problem. That is no longer the case. Assuming that the tutor is using a good platform that does not consume much bandwidth the access is easy.

6. Use of learning apps: immediately accessible, and usable in the lesson.

Being able to open, use, demonstrate and guide learners with the latest learning apps adds a significant learning dimension to the lesson.

7. Sharing: useful homework links, and further learning can be shared at the end of each lesson.

Posting useful homework links and setting homework so that it is available for the student or parent to see after the lesson is of great use in ensuring that students do the homework and get maximum benefit from the lesson.

8. Lesson reports: immediately available for the student (and/or parent) after each lesson.

One of the most important parts of a lesson is the comments from the tutor on what was learned, what can be improved, and what needs more practice. A good lesson report from an exceptional tutor will give the student and parent clear goals about learning going forward.

9. Free time: the parent is free during the lesson.

Okay, it is not necessary for parents to have free time, but we all live busy lives and if we don't have to take a student to a center or monitor their work, a parent can relax a little and be refreshed for the demands that family life may have.

10. Improved attendance: because attendance one-to-one online is easier, it is more frequent.

Periodically, students will not be available for lessons because of the amount of time it takes to travel to and from a lesson. When the lesson is available at the student's desk at home the attendance rates are much higher.

11. Health: no potential exposure to viruses when traveling to and from lessons.

Unfortunately, with large population density and especially confinement on trains and buses the potential for picking up an illness is high. Studying online at home removes this potential problem.

12. Eco-friendly: no buses, taxis, trains needed for the lesson.

Climate change is real and anything you can do to reduce that in terms of your travel is good for the planet.

13. Ease: no change in environment for the student.

In tutorial centers with group work there can be issues around adjusting to the group and how comfortable a student may feel in a new learning environment. Studying at home removes this potential problem.

14. Relationship: the student and the tutor in one-to-one online lessons develop great rapport.

It is a myth that the tutor and student do not develop good relationships online. A one-to-one exceptional tutor becomes a friend, a confidante, and support for the student in their lives.

15. Matching: the range of tutors available make it easier to match the ideal tutor to the student.

Without doubt some tutors suit some students, some don't. Having the opportunity to find a perfect match and vary the match if it doesn't work is of great benefit to the student.

16. Exceptional tutors: MyIT Quality Assured Tutors are exceptionally skilled in teaching one-to-one online.

Learning is without doubt ordinary with ordinary tutors. Tutors who are not graduates and have no teaching qualifications bring little value for a student's time and money.

17. Future focused: almost all future learning will be online – it is good to get used to that now.

If you are learning with a tutor who is using the best available apps and platforms, you are already skilled in what other people will be trying to learn in the future.

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